Fredericktowne Baptist Church T&T Bible Quiz 

February 2, 2019

 There is an 9:00 a.m. check-in and an 9:30 am coaches’ meeting.

The quizzing starts at 10:00 am and ends on or before noon.


Online Registration Deadline: January 27, 2019




On February 2nd, quiz day,
please turn in the following as soon as you arrive at FBC:
A Roster Sheet for each team
The Parent Consent Form for each participating quizzer from your church.
The Volunteer Event Form if additional people from your church wish to help with quizzing.
A Participation Awards Form for your quizzing participants.


In order for quizzers to participate, a Parent Consent Form is required on quiz day for every quizzer. 

 These must be shown to the registrars at the check-in table on event day





 Note: 100% of the fees pay for the awards and quiz day actual expenses only.