Dealing with People

If we are honest, there are a host of reactions in our dealing with people.  One acquaintance shared with me years ago, 80% of my problems are people issues.   There are many reasons for that 80%, but if they are really people issues, then what can we do?  We could always say pray for them, but are we willing to recognize our part of the issue?  There are a lot of questions to ask ourselves.  I frequently have to ask myself the question, why did I react this way or that way.  As I search myself, I should—but do not always ask myself the question, what am I doing to encourage that other person?  Hebrew 3:13 says to encourage one another daily.  This is something I am constantly learning to do and how to do it. That something is asking the Lord for His help in encouraging others.  I personally find is a critical need in my relationship with others.   Perhaps you may identify with me over seeking God’s help with people issues.  If so, let’s take time to seek God’s wisdom in our relationship with others.