Becoming a member demonstrates your commitment to Christ and to the Church.
We want FBC to be your home and for you to impact Frederick County and the Walkersville area.
Becoming a member will help you grow in your spiritual development in a number of ways.
Some of those areas are: 
  • Growth in your relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Get connected in biblical community
  • Use your God-given gifts to serve in ministry
  • Spread the good news of Jesus Christ
Members participate in congregational meetings and voting on critical issues to our church (election of leadership and new members, annual budget, and more).We encourage spiritual growth and worship through baptism and giving financially, but these are not requirements for membership.
Become a Member
  1. Fill out our membership application
  2. Meet with some of our leadership
  3. Take a membership class
  4. Meet before congregation to be voted in
If you have any questions please reach out to a leader. You can find our membership application below and our beliefs here.
Fill out our membership application today!