Christian Service Brigade

Meeting Tuesday Evenings
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7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
September through May

Summer is over and a new year of brigade has begun!

We will be starting Christian Service Brigade for all boys grades 3 – 12. We are doing model rocketry this year and the Brigade books on astronomy below will be used. To do this with such a diverse age group, we will be using different levels of materials to best match the age levels of the boys. We are also in the process of planning a couple of camping trips for the fall!


Stockade – Grades 3 – 6

This Year’s Outpost Adventures:

The purpose of these Outpost Adventures is to provide the 8 to 11 year old boy with a fun and exciting Achievement Program of Christ-centered Adventure.


Space & Rocketry

This module is designed to help the participants begin to understand not only the vastness of our Solar System, but also how God has created the universe with great order. In this order we call the universe, we can find pictures of God’s greatness. Perhaps the most wonderful promise we have of these truths is that in all this vastness, God is always with us, His presence is everywhere. Space provides the backdrop for the biblical truth of God’s Greatness.


Imagine driving a Formula One racer down the straightaway at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza at 233 mph (375 km/h). Your V10 engine is humming along at peak performance as you bear down on the next corner in the Formula One Italian Grand Prix. The crowd is roaring their approval as you pass Jacques on your left. It is hard to imagine that experience, especially as we hold a little wooden car in our hands! What is important in this scenario, though, is the integrity of the car. You don’t want something to break loose or go wrong at that speed – it could be deadly when you are basically driving an engine with wheels. Integrity in the car is vital, just as it is for the man or boy who desires to follow Jesus. This is the Biblical truth of Integrity.

Siege Weapons

Build a working catapult and explore “God Our Fortress” with the SIEGE WEAPONS Module.

It’s fun to build a model catapult and see how far we can launch bean bags, water balloons, and tennis balls. But back in medieval times, catapults were a real weapon. People who were under attack took refuge in the strong castle made by their king. Although it may look a little different in modern times, we can still be under siege when the enemy rains down fiery arrows on us. It is important for our boys to remember that our King Jesus Himself is our refuge during these trials. God comforts us and God will always be victorious at the end of the battle.

This Stockade Module will help boys understand suffering and how much God is with them in it. The Gospel is presented as Christ suffering on our behalf and how the Holy Spirit now comforts us. The main application is that we are to comfort our brothers and sisters in their troubles. We want the boys to learn some tangible ways to help and show compassion to others.


Bikes & Boards

This module is all about what it takes to have and be great friends. The Biblical Lesson is that with God’s help, we can treat others around us like Jesus would treat them, loving our neighbors as ourselves. While the materials provided focus on BIKES as the interest area, suggestions are also given to use skateboards either with the bikes, or in place of the bikes.


Battalion – Grades 7-12

Astronomy Mission

Astronomy mission guide.

During this MISSION the young men in your Battalion ministry will be given a basic introduction to astronomy while developing an appreciation for the wondrous works of the Lord – a GOD-SIZED VIEW.
Meeting at:
Fredericktowne Baptist Church
8645 Biggs Ford Road
Walkersville, Maryland 21793
Feel free to contact me with questions or to sign up for Christian Service Brigade.

David P. Higgins – Captain

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